7 Steps for Building and Selling Showit Website Templates


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So, you’ve decided to conquer the Showit template realm and turn it into a cash-churning machine? Bravo! Today, we’re spilling the juiciest secrets on how to build Showit website templates and make your bank account sing like a rockstar.

our 7 steps for how to build and sell showit website templates

Step 1: Research & Offer Development – Sherlock Holmes mode!

First things first, my dear Watsons of design – put on your detective hat and get sleuthing! ??‍♀️ Market research is your trusty magnifying glass. Check out the competition, snoop on what templates are killing it, and sniff out the gaps in the marketplace, when in doubt – build what you know. Armed with this knowledge, create an offer that’ll have your customers screaming, “Shut up and take my money!”

Step 2: Know How Templates Fit In

Before you dive headfirst into template madness, take a moment to ponder how they’ll fit into your existing design offers. You’re not building an island here, your here to build showit website templates. It’s all about creating a cohesive design empire. So, strategize, my savvy comrades! How will you position your offers to move people away from your time sucking services and right into your passive income pocket?

Do you build custom websites for a lot of Copywriters? Start there! Create a more cost effective option for your target audience and price your services higher.

Template for your target niche
Add-on for that niche
Add-on for that niche

Step 3: Design Your Templates

Roar! It’s time to unleash the design beast within you. Set your creativity free and create templates that’ll make jaws drop and clients squeal with delight. It’s no rumor that the market becomes more saturated every day.

But we will be the first to tell you that “not all templates are created equal”. One of the most powerful moves you can make is to up your design skills to build templates that position themselves as King of the template jungle. Checkout our design course HERE to level up your skills.

Step 4: Build an Automated Checkout

Who said making money should be a 24/7 hustle? Not you! Set up an automated checkout system, so while you catch some Z’s, the cash keeps flowing.

Your customers will love the smooth and hassle-free buying experience, and you’ll love waking up to cha-ching notifications. 🤑

And it’s EVERY designers dream to make some passive income on the side and hear the pleasant ding from a sale verses the ping of an email from a passive aggressive client.

Step 5: Have an Automated Delivery System

With an automated delivery system, your customers get their hands on those fabulous templates faster than a rabbit disappears into a hat. ? No manual intervention needed – it’s all automated magic. Less time spent on mundane tasks means more time for you to dazzle the design world!

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

You’re on a roll, my friend! Keep the creativity flowing and the templates coming. A rinse and repeat process will keep your template shop fresh, exciting, and irresistible. Don’t hold back – the design universe craves your creations! With a rinse and repeat process, you’ll be able to easily tackle those fresh new launches anytime you need a little extra cash infusion.

Step 7: Market Like a Pro

Now, we know some of you may be introverted design wizards, and that’s perfectly awesome! Check out our other blog post, “Marketing Tips for Introverted Designers,” for clever ways to promote your templates without leaving your cozy design cave. Trust us; it’s a game-changer!

So there you have it, creative geniuses! Follow these 7 steps, and you’ll conquer the Showit template world like a boss. Market research, design prowess, automation mastery – you’ve got it all! Now go forth and let your templates shine like the stars they are. The design universe awaits your stellar creations! If you are looking for more ways to slide passive income into your business, read our 10 unbeatable ways to make passive income as a designer.

Happy templating, and may your design empire reign supreme! 💻

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