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Update: November 14, 2020

Looking to add a Favorite Tools + Resources page to your own Showit website?

Well you’re in luck!!! We have had so much awesome feedback about Jenna’s Favorite Tools page, that we built out an incredibly awesome template JUST. FOR. YOU!

Add a beautiful Favorite Tools page to your own site Showit website today!

No, you do not have to be using a Northfolk template – these can be added to ANY new or existing Showit website!

If you ever get the chance to work with someone that has been a huge influence to your industry, you’ll probably find yourself thinking “pinch me” on the daily. That was us a few months ago, when it dawned on us that we were actually designing for, drumroll…. Jenna Kutcher.

We are a few projects in now and Jenna feels more like a friend than someone we associate with the hashtag #goals, that we have been following since her early days with a camera. The connection we have with her and her team has been nothing short of MAGIC.

The past few months we have been busy tackling a few projects Jenna has had on her “one day” list. While there is already more in the works, this beautiful page deserves it’s own spotlight.

Jenna’a favorite things is a resource guide for her 858K (and growing) fans that are asking her daily where to find things. A sweater she wore, a business tool that she uses.

A well designed resource page is a great place to :

• showcase your freebies

• grow your email list

• start generating passive income through affiliate marketing

• and connect with your ideal customer by serving them information you have gathered through your years of experience.

While a well designed and strategic resource page helps save Jenna’s team TIME, her number one priority was serving her audience and building a more efficient system to get them answers to all things “Jenna Kutcher” fast!

“I wanted a place where you can find all of my faves from fashion to beauty, business to books, consider this your go-to resource for all things Jenna Kutcher. “

Take a look at Jenna’s page to get inspired!

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