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Now more than ever, your website should be the number one tool you use for your business. We literally can not stress this enough. As busy professionals, we also understand how frustrating, overwhelming, and time-consuming managing your website can be. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be? 

A while back, we pulled the trigger and decided to design templates exclusively for Showit, and we haven’t looked back. Powerful to use and super easy to learn, Showit empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses with complete creative control to build and manage your dream website quickly.

Gone are the days when you get a website setup and it sits stagnant for 2 years while your business continues to grow. It’s time you get a website that works as hard as you do, and does what you want it to do!

So why Showit? We’re glad you asked…

Ditch the coding.

Whether you are working with a developer or are managing your themes, CSS, HTML, and PHP on your own, Showit allows you to ditch the code and focus your attention on the things that really matter (like expanding your business). With thousands of templates to choose from, all you need to do is drag and drop to design.

Showit Integrates Blog with WordPress

Say goodbye to overpromising-yet-underperforming WordPress templates without losing their SEO benefits. Even though you’ll design your blog through the visual Showit platform, you’ll still use your WordPress blog. It’s literally the best of both worlds.

Effortless SEO

Even if you’re new to SEO (those fickle things you need to rank in Google and other browsers), Showit makes it easy to add short and relevant URLs, add titles, meta descriptions, alt text, optimize images, and so much more.

Amazing (and Fun) Customer Service

As a drag and drop platform, you won’t need to worry about complex coding, but if you need a little help, Showit’s got you covered. Suppose you can’t find the answer you need in their library of help docs or instructional videos. Showit’s chat support (built into the dashboard of the website builder) is quick to respond with a helpful answer, cheeky anecdote, and usually a fun GIF to keep you motivated.

Super Mobile Friendly

With up to 70% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s super important to have an interactive and beautiful mobile website. Showit makes it easy to create a completely custom dynamic mobile site, and you can save time by designing it side-by-side with your desktop version.

Complete Customization

With thousands of templates to choose from, including Norfolk’s latest beauties, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, but you can still do exactly what you want to bring your vision to life. Unlike other platforms out there, with Showit, you can move things around to add your content, headers, and images exactly where you want them. The customization options are literally limitless!

So what are you waiting for?

Stop wasting your time managing your complex website and give Showit a try. They have a 14 day FREE trial (no credit card required).

Love our style? Shop our template collection HERE.


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