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A mid-2021 article said e-commerce jumped 26.7 TRILLION, fueled by the big C word

So it’s not shocking to believe that our Showit website community exploded. EVERYONE was moving online. And even those already online, were pivoting to find new and easier ways to sell their offers. 

So many designers we know were booked out, overworked and unable to keep up.

In late 2020, we had a designer reach out begging us to allow some type of commercial licensing on our templates. She was using them all the time for her clients and wanted to create a smoother experience where they didn’t have to go run around trying to find a template they loved. Everything was done in house. 

This wasn’t the first request we had like this, but it was THE request that developed into The Vault.

The idea manifested for a few months and during summer 2021, while prepping for another launch, we pitched the idea to our coach. Her response…

“HOW are you just sitting on this type of offer!!”

So while in the middle of launching Revolving Revenue, we got to work building The Vault.

The Northfolk Vault for Showit Designers

Inside The Vault we give fellow Showit website designers COMMERCIAL access to our entire collection of templates! Yes, we’ve been told how crazy this is!


Once admitted to The Vault, you get immediate access to ALL of our Showit share keys. Our best recommendation is to plug them all right into your dashboard so you can easily access them while working on client projects.

Vault templates CAN be used for custom client projects and template customizations.

Vault templates CANNOT be used to create new templates.


Why not?! Our people were asking for it. BEGGING for it. And the work was being done anyways. We saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market that has NEVER been done before. Which leads us into the next portion of this post.

What we have learned during the past 5 months of sharing our business with other designers.

The Vault is the Showit Designers answer to scaling their services.

We’ve all heard about scaling with digital products, and courses, etc… But how many offers have been about scaling your TIME?! We have watched our designers cut their project time by 50% (or more) and finish more projects in less time, making MORE money. Instead of spending 6 weeks building out a site entirely from scratch, you can have access to an entire library to pull in things like navigations, complicated F&Q layouts, galleries, sales pages and more. No matter how custom your build is, The Vault can still save you time. Some chose to scale their services to only template customizations. Works any way you need it to, so you can get back to living life OFF the laptop.

Sharing our work isn’t as scary as you would think.

With the proper framework, we have built a small network of partners on trust and collaboration. Five months ago we had a moment of doubt before hitting publish on The Vault. “Do we REALLY want to do this? What if…” But in the time since doing so, we have realized that working from a place of abundance vs. scarcity allows room for some pretty major growth.

We’re handing out leads like we’re Oprah!

We are sending out approximately 5-10 HOT leads a week. This doesn’t include people visiting our Partner Directory page on their own, but leads that we have personally primed and nurtured to hire one of our partners over someone else.

*We got an inquiry a few weeks ago from a DREAM client we have followed since our photography days. It was SO hard to tell her no, but we nurtured her towards our partners and guess what?! She hired one! 👏🏻👏🏻 We were equally as happy and excited!!

The relationship between us and our members is truly a partnership.

While The Vault was founded as a huge asset to our fellow designers, it has proven to be an even bigger asset to us.  Fact is, Northfolk caters to a high end market and most of our people want it done for them. Now we have an exclusive network of partners that not only have access to our entire collection, but are able to request designs, collaborate on new features and get early access to every launch. So moving forward, we will be investing in professionals to help advance and position our partner program.

Are you a Showit designer that’s interested in how The Vault could impact your business?

Head over to our website to LEARN MORE, or BOOK A CALL to chat with Sam + Rachel about how The Vault could help scale YOUR Showit services.


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