Gen z Sales Funnel Kit

Website template add-on for showit

Showit is a fully customizable website platform with Wordpress integration for the drag & drop platform (requires Showit subscription). You'll get the add-on template and all included demo pages, Northfolk Signature template not required to use this add-on. Add your share key, upload your content, customize everything easily, and go live!


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Unlock the power of the new generation with our Showit Gen Z Sales Funnel Kit. Designed with the aesthetic and functionality that resonates with Gen Zers, this comprehensive kit includes an array of pre-built pages such as sales pages, course pages, tripwires, and waitlists all with the same style and funk.

Why Choose Our Showit Gen Z Sales Funnel Kit

This isn’t just another set of Showit templates. It’s a complete toolkit designed to drive conversions. With cutting-edge design elements that speak the visual language vibe, this kit gives you an unprecedented advantage in attracting this younger demographic. Whether you’re launching a new product or optimizing an existing sales funnel, this kit has everything you need to capture and engage your audience effectively.

Features You’ll Love

  • Sales Page Templates: Specially curated to grab attention.
  • Course Page Designs: Make your educational material irresistible.
  • Waitlist Pages: Build anticipation for your upcoming launches.
  • Tripwire Pages: Hook in your audience with irresistible offers.

What Makes it Special?

The true magic behind the this template resides not just in its visually appealing layout, but also in its laser-focused alignment with the preferences and behaviors of the younger crowd. In essence, when you decide to make a purchase, you’re not merely acquiring a set of templates. Instead, you’re making a strategic investment in a suite of research-backed designs. These carefully crafted elements have the proven potential to significantly boost your conversion rates, providing a tailored experience that resonates deeply with Gen Z audiences.


Don’t miss out on tapping into the vast potential of Gen Z consumers. Choose the Showit Gen Z Sales Funnel Kit by Northfolk and give your business the edge it deserves.

Top Notch Support

We have built an ever growing Help Center and Showit offers Live Chat support right from your dashboard!

Strategic & Versatile

These templates can be used for any business in any industry and built with the same strategies as a custom website.

Complete Control

A true drag-and-drop platform. Edit anything - colors, fonts, layouts... and no code (or heartache) required.

your website DOESN'T have to be overwhelming

Showit support is available for live chat during business hours and tickets can be submitted 24/7. They also have a helpful support center for learning the ins and outs of the application.


Showit’s drag and drop interface gives you full flexibility. The possibilities for design and layout are endless. Assign any functionality to any graphic or design element. 


With Showit, all the text content that you include in your site is automatically put into the HTML that search engines use to find out about your site.


When you update the content, it automatically applies to both views. Changes to design will preview and update instantly. Tweak the mobile version separate from the desktop. 


Showit is completely responsive and displays exactly how you designed it. You get a great design across all devices for an optimal viewing experience.


Create the website of your dreams without a single line of code. Showits easy drag and drop interface allows you to get creative with not only your website, but your blog layout as well. 

showit + wordpress

Why we think Showit is the best web platform!

New to Showit?

frequent ADD ON questions

Absolutely! You can use it with ANY Showit website or as a standalone on a domain or subdomain. (But, we love seeing them used on Northfolk templates! 😉)

Nope! We will walk you through getting it all customized and loaded into your site. 🤓 We have certain elements that you could use that do implement coded embeds that you are free to replace!

100%! Even though these sales pages are branded, you are able to customize ANYTHING from fonts, colors, images, alignment and layout!

This add on template is for personal use only and cannot be shared with any third party. If you are a designer that would like to utilize our templates for your client services, you will need to purchase one per client or your can view our Sales Funnel Bundle for commercial use HERE.

custom mobile design

responsive design

seo ready

built to convert

wordpress blog

easy customization

drag and drop

no code required

A fully customizable website template with Wordpress blog for the drag & drop platform Showit (requires Showit subscription). You'll get the website template and all included demo pages. Upload your content, customize everything easily, and go live!

"Northfolks templates are truly the best Showit
templates on the market, making it ridiculously easy to create a website that is both beautiful and functional. I love that you can use any canvas from their signature templates and add-on templates to customize your site to be exactly what you want it to be!

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