Designer Toolkit

Three powerful tools, exclusive to REVOLVING REVENUE, only sold separately once a year during our SUMMER DESIGNER FLASH SALE!

By Northfolk®  for Revolving Revenue®

For the first time EVER, you can now purchase our famous Showit Canvas Kit (2nd Edition) outside Revolving Revenue!

The Toolkit you've been BEGGING us for!!!

For a Limited time only!

  $2663   $1997 or 3 Payments of $720

Custom Projects

Create Templates for Sale

For Personal Use

Built for DESIGNERS, by DESIGNERS to scale your TIME and offers.

what are the endless things we don't have enough of?

We're busy Mom's with 6 kids between us, so it's no shock that we're passionate about building the BEST tools on the market to help ourselves (and other designers) SCALE, faster, easier and at a higher level of quality!


Get back to living your life - which is the whole reason you started this gig in the first place!

Stop searching the internet for the code snippets that will level up your designs!

Launch CONFIDENTLY knowing that you're working with the BEST tools in the industry!

FINALLY build those templates that you can sell on repeat over and over!

What if instead of taking the LONG, HARD road, we GIVE you the tools to:

The Designer Toolkit

A culmination of our BEST tools to scale your business! The ones our Revolving Revenue members say was the difference between launched, and dead in the water! It's time to FINALLY build those templates!

for 6 days only, We're going public....

The Showit Canvas Kit v.2

425+ Designer Canvases + Commercial Use for Resale


For 5 days only!!! Grab the Designer Toolkit for personal use, client projects and building templates for resale!

Canvas Shortcuts

Library of CSS Code snippets + Tutorials


Device Kit

Tech device mockups pre-built into Showit canvases

*Individual items not sold separately. Does not include version updates.

The Designer Toolkit

The Showit Canvas Kit

Over 425 Commercial Use
Showit Canvases for Building,
and Reselling.

The Original Showit
Canvas Kit

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CSS Canvas Shortcuts

These are advanced trainings to take your
templates to the NEXT. LEVEL. Not only do we
provide the "how to" so you can provide support
to your buyers, but we give done-for-you
templates to save time as well!

CSS Canvas
Shortcuts & Tutorial

Split screen scroll 1
Splie Screen Scroll 2
Image + nested dropdown
Horizontal Accordian
Vertical ACcordian
Horizontal tabs
vertical tabs
flashing callout words
Transition marquee
coded infinite marquee
ribbon infinite marquee
static circle text
rotating circle text
rotating image
typewriter text
italic text
Scroll on hover
countdown timer
creating gifs
converting svg icons
coded buttons
lazy loader

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Device Mockup Kit

Crafted with thorough attention to detail, this comprehensive kit features a stunning collection of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, all meticulously rendered, high quality and beautifully presented. We have included over 25 gorgeous SVG device mockup scenes so you have everything you need to display your digital offers.

The Device Kit

View the Demo

kind words

kari riedel

Agree Kelli! I'm building my site with the kit and I am so thrilled with how it's turning out! Couldn't have done it without Sam and Rachel's canvas kit!!

kelli preston

I'm sort of new to Showit as I've spent the past 8 years designing on Squarespace and have only done a handful of sites on Showit, so I'm still learning and it's been so helpful to learn through these canvases and they are SO beautiful! Thank you so much!

"HOLY INCREDIBLE Sam + Rachel! The Showit Canvas Kit is MIND BLOWING!"

fran Paahana

Seriously thought about making my own to save time, but you guys pull through time and time again. 😭👏🏻🔥

No one can top you and Rachel. Seriously have overdelivered. Forever grateful for you both and all your hard work. 🙏🏻

"WAIT OMG WHAT?! This is not an April fools joke, right? LOL"

jennifer carfora

Just wanted to say that I friggin' love ya'll! I just opened up the Canvas Kit and HOLY SH*T! Ya'll definitely overdelivered! 🤍

We're Sam & Rachel, the award winning designers behind Northfolk! 

Not only have we built a business on a foundation of digital products, but we highly object to the phrase "done is better than perfect!" Who said that anyway?! 

What does that mean for you? That means you're getting NEXT. LEVEL. designs to take your business... you got it, to the next level! We don't do mediocre around here, and we're laying it all out on the table to help you level up! AND most important take your time back!

These assets are going to change your LIFE.

Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers
Revolving Revenue for Showit Designers

Common questions we get about the Toolkit:

Heck YES! The Designer Toolkit comes with a LIFETIME Commercial Use license for building and selling templates, personal use and custom projects. You just can't share it, sell it, or use it to create another canvas kit.

The Showit Canvas Kit and complete Designer Toolkit are included as an asset inside our Revolving Revenue PRO plan. We may occasionally offer the Toolkit separately during special promotions.

Due to the permanent nature of digital file delivery we are unable to offer refunds. We have provided you with ALL demo links so you know exactly what you are purchasing.  

The Showit Canvas Kit is only sold as part of the full Designer Toolkit OR with the Revolving Revenue PRO plan, and is not sold separately at this time.

We would LOVE to welcome you inside Revolving Revenue! If you purchase the Designer Toolkit separately, and decide later that you would like to join RR - you can purchase our regular plan that does NOT include the toolkit HERE.

Unfortunately no. Your purchase includes access to the current version only. If you would like the newest version, we recommend joining Revolving Revenue, where you will get LIFETIME access to all updates.

did you skip to the bottom?

the TL:DR version

SCALE your time (and profits) with our highly coveted Designer Toolkit (includes the Showit Canvas Kit v.2, Canvas CSS Shortcuts, and the Device Kit) with Commercial RESALE License.

  $2663   $1997 or 3 Payments of $720