Northfolk is a design company located in beautiful Alaska and the Colorado mountains. Northfolk & Co crafts snazzy site designs with creatives in mind such as photographers, bloggers, foodies, event planners and that mom and pop shop down the street. 

We believe that a website template shouldn’t be stuffy or contained to a 4 sided box. Live outside of the boundaries! There is no telling where you will go. 

A boss babe team centered around helping fellow creatives find their place on the web by creating killer sites.

“In the end, what you do isn't going to be nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with.”  
- John Green


Rachel lives in the mountains of Colorado. Her favorite things in life include: her kids, fur babies, the color black, coffee, reading, narwhals, thunderstorms, food, babies breath, a comfy outfit. And everything Harry Potter. She can also turn anything into a song.


Movie quote aficionado / Designer / Partner


Sam lives on a gorgeous lake tucked away in the mountains of Alaska. She enjoys working on projects around the house with her hubby, when they aren’t chasing their two boys around. Sam loves photography, sewing, business and all things nature.


Partner / Designer / Silver-tongue extraordinaire

They call the north & mountains home and love the great outdoors


Rachel & Sam are both redheads by natural selection


Sam has impeccable taste in interior decor and Rachel has impeccable taste in leather furniture



The holidays are their favorite time of the year. Sam is obsessed with Christmas, snow and all things cozy.


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a bit about the girls

when we AREN'T running northfolk & Co, we are nose deep in paper samples, color swatches and freshly printed planners.

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