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Windom Hill Social Templates


Boost your social media effortlessly with our matching Social Media Canva Templates, tailored to complement our Showit templates. This package offers 26 portrait, 26 square, and 26 story templates, ideal for consistent branding across platforms. Customize your social media with ease to fit your style and have all of your outlets be completely branded.

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Bundle Discount 2 50%

Canva Template Details


With your purchase, you’ll receive access to a collection of 26 strategic Canva social media templates designed to cover all your content needs — from blog post announcements to testimonials, product launches, promotions for freebies, and engaging posts to connect with your audience. Each template set includes:

  • 26 Designer-Quality Templates: Crafted to complement Northfolk and Saffron Avenue's Showit website templates for a seamless brand experience across your digital presence.

  • Versatile Formats: Every design is available in three sizes - square (1:1) for general posts, portrait (4:5) for feed impact, and story/pin graphics (9:16) for engaging stories and Pinterest pins.

  • Light and Dark Versions: To ensure versatility and adapt to your brand’s style, each graphic comes in both light and dark modes.

  • Customization Freedom: Easily adjust colors, text, and images in Canva to align with your brand identity, offering complete control over your social media narrative.


By using these templates, you can maintain a cohesive brand identity across all online platforms, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

  • Compatibility: Designed for easy use with Canva, enabling you to customize templates without advanced design skills. A free Canva account is sufficient for most edits.

  • Font Diversity: A mix of free and premium fonts are used, enhancing the unique style of each template. Links to purchase or download fonts are included, giving you the option to fully replicate the design or choose alternatives that fit your brand.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: These templates cater to a wide range of content types, ensuring that you have a professionally designed graphic for virtually any post type.

  • Universal Design: While these templates are tailored to complement Northfolk and Saffron Avenue's Showit website themes, they are versatile enough to suit any brand looking to elevate its digital presence with designer-quality visuals.


Unfortunately we do not offer a commercial use license for our Canva or Flodesk Templates at this time. If you would like to use these for clients, you are free to join the affiliate program and get them at a discounted rate.

Commercial Use

Your purchase grants you a personal license, meaning you can use this template for yourself or ONE client project. This template must not be shared, resold, or distributed, either fully or partially.

Single Use License

Shannon Kovanda, Upstairs Studio

I seriously love every inch of my site, but the fact that I could customize it so easily made me feel like a huge contributor to the end result even though all the work was already done for me. It gave me a massive boost of confidence and I feel so proud when I look at my website.

Jennifer Hnat RDN, Nutrition Atlanta

This has undoubtedly been THE BEST BUSINESS DECISION I made. I was never able to sell initial consultations on my Wix site and now it happens al the time with my new website!

Regan Breeden, North Branch Copywriting Co.

Northfolk + City Faire gave me the foundation I needed to show off the full personality of my brand on my site: so that my ideal clients know exactly who I am and what I do within moments of landing on my page. 

Amy McGann, HorseGrooms

Northfolk sites are the perfect balance of strategy, guidance, industry-disruption, and ease-of-use. It's important to us to stand out boldly in our industry while having tools and systems that don't suck up all of our time. Northfolk accomplishes all of that and more.

Matt Pocknell Photography

My updated website better aligns with my personality, style and target audience, allowing me to better connect with my customers and more accurately portray what it is I offer.

KaSandra Mitchell, The Humble Lion

"I'm in love with everything Northfolk creates! Easy navigation, minimalist style, and superb service can all be expected from Sam & Rachel. My site is simple, sexy, and makes me PROUD AS HELL to share it with my audience."