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We are crushing hard on small creative business right now! In fact, YOU are the entire reason behind us overhauling our site.

That’s right, you are our inspiration.

While we have spent years focusing all our work on the photography community, we have slowly come to realize how passionate we are about working

with people just like us. The day dreamers and night thinkers.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t working with our beloved photographers anymore. I mean, technically you lead this group in numbers higher than any other industry. But it just means that we love working with ALL creative hustlers and we are hoping to grow our tools and resources to help you grow as well.

So what does that mean exactly??

New template styles. 

Can you believe our last template release was October?! (face palm)

We have been so busy working with some really amazing clients that our templates have taken the back burner. But not anymore!

We have been working on a small batch of templates that incorporate all things side hustle, e-commerce, influencer and more!

The Northfolk directory. 

When we started our site overhaul, we had this beautiful page titled “favorite tools.” We tend to be a little “extra” and decided to take this even further and create a directory where you can find a huge variety of tools and resources to help you grow your business.

More freebies!

Seriously – who doesn’t love free stuff?! We are super excited to put more time into some free resources to help you bridge the gaps between what you want and what you need. We think you will be excited to see our resource library grow over the next few months.

Newsletters & E-courses.

We are going to do better at staying in touch with you through your inbox and even have a few newsletter series and e-courses.

We are going to blog. 

Yup. Im just putting that out there for accountability. We are going to finally start blogging.

Or try our best at least!

Let’s not forget our physical products.

So if you’ve been following our launch countdown on Instagram, you know we kinda had a social media fail with several people thinking we were launching a new product. We aren’t. Sorry.

But we DO have a few things up our sleeves for back to school and hope to grow our line a bit.

So while we don’t have anything fancy joining us right now, and we have no plans for an academic version of our planners, you can still purchase our flagship Northfolk Planner in our shop HERE.


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