Wondering what it would look like if you added some Revolving Revenue to your website with a simple digital product? Crunch some numbers and find out!

Revolving Revenue Profit Calculator


Create goals with a clear plan on how to get there

Add another product to change your revenue

Calculate income, expenses, taxes and savings

Adjust numbers to see projections

Have clarity about what kind of revenue your business will bring in


How an offer ladder can increase your profits and client retention


See how increasing your product price shifts your business


Know exactly how many products you need to sell to hit your numbers



Unsure of what you need to change to decrease your expenses and increase your profits?

I played around with the profit calculator and LOVE IT! The instructions are clear and it's so easy to use. Plus, I love that you break down the Net income to account for savings! Overall, this is a very valuable tool to help figure out how much I should price services or products. 


  Wondering . . .

This calculator is simple, but powerful! We put together a quick video to show you how it works and how it can help you run your business SMARTER!

Take a look!

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how it works?

April J.

This calculator is fantastic! I've been playing with it all day and love seeing how changes to my business can really impact my bottom dollar!

Jessie O.

Here I thought I was doing a good job at "goal planning," but every month I wasn't hitting my numbers and unsure of what to change. This calculator is so awesome! Now I can make small tweaks and know exactly which numbers I need to hit.

Leslie W.

Um this is AMAZING! I feel like my mind is exploding with possibilities at what I can create and how it will change my income. Mind blown! Thank you! 

Kate D.

I feel like this is the tool I didn't know I needed. I've been playing with it for the past few days and now I know exactly how many products I have to sell each month to hit my goal. The best part is being able to change it up and see how small price increases change they way I work each month. I see now why people charge premium, because they have half the sales to meet each month. Everyone needs to get their hands on this calculator! 

Emily S.

This calculator is so fun to play and experiment with. The way it's setup to encourage an offer ladder makes it so easy to brainstorm how I can bring extra income into my business. I love plugging in numbers and seeing what my profit will be next month if I just buckle down and get my new product launched. It's so simple, thanks!

Beth D.

Your Profit Calculator is so cool! It's so simple and to the point, but seriously the best $27 I have spent in a long time. It's not really a one and done thing, it's a tool I can keep in my box and use over and over again. As my business grows, I can easily add expenses to my sheet and see where I need to increase sales to keep hitting my goals each month. 

Allow you to track actual income

Keep track of ongoing expenses like a bookkeeping tool

It will NOT:

help you see how generating new offers will increase your income

Show you an estimated income based on cost and quantity of units sold

auto calculate all your numbers for you

estimate your monthly, quarterly and yearly expenses

This calculator WILL:

let's start plugging numbers and setting some goals!

"I wish I would've had this profit calculator during my first three years of business. It can be difficult in the beginning to confidently price your products and services in order to build and maintain a sustainable income. This tool will give you a better idea of how much to charge with taxes, savings, and sales goals in mind. And of course, Sam & Rachel made it incredibly user friendly with very clear instructions. Buy this now."

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