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How To Create a Lead Magnet Funnel


One of the most popular and easy ways to grow your audience is with a Lead Magnet (also known as a free offer or freebie).

Lead Magnet’s can be used to 1) Grow or build your audience. 2) Segment your audience, which means to organize them based on

means to organize them based on their interests. Or 3) prime your reader so they are ready to buy your paid offer.

There are many different offer strategies but we are going to focus on your very first step to build or grow your audience.

1. Outline an irresistible offer.

Before you start building things out, you will want to outline an irresistible offer by using 3 steps:

• Identify the purpose of your offer

• Brainstorm offer

• Create an offer statement.

2. Physically build your offer.

Every offer will be different. What it looks like and what tools you need to create it. You’ll need to decide on your delivery method such as an ebook, workbook, pdf, infographic, etc.

Once you have decided on your delivery method, you’ll either need to build it from scratch or buy a template. Keep things clean, simple and easy to read and understand.

Our favorite tool to build offers is Canva. Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, and other visual graphics.

And our favorite place to find beautiful templates is Creative Market.

3. Pick an email service provider.

Every person you ask will have an opinion on who the best email service provider is. Our favorite : Flodesk!

How do you pick an email service provider? Price, limits on list size or emails sent, ease of use, etc. Or better yet – try them out! Most providers have some type of free trial. You might start with one and decide that it doesn’t work for you, so we highly suggest you try them out first.

Why is Flodesk our favorite? They have beautiful templates, easy to use, unlimited list size (almost unheard of) and if you sign up now while they are still in beta, you can get 50% off for LIFE! Yup, your price will never go up! Use this link for 50% off!

“Always deliver more than expected.”

4. Set up the tech.

This can be the part where people get hung up, but it doesn’t have to be. They key is understanding how all the pieces work together. If we break things down to the bare minimum, you have a FORM where people sign up and then you send an email to deliver your Lead Magnet.

Here is a great visual that helps break down the funnel.

5. Market your offer.

Once you have your free offer done and setup, you need to actually drive traffic to your offer. Our hands down favorite way to drive traffic is…. drumroll… Pinterest! But if you do things right, you can create one source of content that can then feed the rest of your marketing sources.

What do we mean by that? If you write a blog post that is related to your offer, you can pull the content to create Instagram posts and stories, share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and of course our favorite, PIN! Repurposing content is one of the easiest ways to swiftly market your offer across different platforms.

6. Follow up.

Once you get people on your list, you don’t want them to just sit there. You need to follow up! We highly recommend that immediately following the delivery of your free offer, you put them in a nurture sequence.

Here are a few email strategies to follow-up with your list: welcome sequence, nurture sequence, weekly newsletter, monthly newsletter, etc.

For a limited time, grab our Lead Magnet Bundle where we guide you through step-by-step to get your first offer up and running!

Lead Magnet Bundle | Start building your audience today with a free offer and the exact steps and tools to setup the tech.

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