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So often in the web development process, we have clients ask us for recommendations with everything from product photography and SEO, to copyrighting and social media.

We are trying something new today and bringing in a guest blogger that we think you will love!

Jessie Bowline of Indigo Inkwell is not only a military wife, mother and entrepreneur, she is our go-to girl when it comes to clients building copy that converts. So if you are struggling to build your voice into your website project, you will want to check her out!

We hear it all of the time, “I’m a decent writer, so why should I hire a professional content writer?” We like to think of a professional content writer as a sort of content doctor with the skillset needed to perform the health check your content needs to impress Google search engines, and convert to sales.

Need a writer? You have two options: become an overnight creative writing chameleon, or hire one! Here are the top reasons the boss babe team at Northfolk think your business will benefit from a professional content writer.


Generate Convincing and Persuasive Content

Regardless of your industry, you are a boss. You know the value of your product and services. You know why your company stands out against the competition. Yet, you still struggle to reach your client, spread brand awareness, and propel growth.

Content is more than just a tool for search engine optimization (SEO). It should always have a purpose and showcase the value of your products and services to your intended audience. However, there is a fine line between creative persuasion and outright advertising. A professional writer creates compelling content to highlight your company without sounding like an outright sales pitch.


SEO – Google Rates Your Content

If your web content or blog articles aren’t focused on expertise, authoritativeness, or trust – you might as well accept your place at the bottom of the search engine barrel. And let’s be realistic, potential customers rarely navigate past the first page of their search results.

Creatively infused SEO content places you ahead of the curve. A professional content writer is up-to-date on the latest SEO best practices, and constantly evolving changes to the algorithms used by Google. They research the key words (short or long-tail) that work best for your audience.

A professional content writer has the expertise needed to seamlessly weave these magic words into your copy. Ultimately, this will boost your ranking in search engines without appearing outsourced or sales oriented.


Convert Readers into Consumers 

A professional content writer is like a chameleon. They leverage their unique writing ability to draft content in any style, any voice, and speak directly to your intended target audience. Best of all, they add in all of those magic words we just discussed to make the Google crawlers go wild! When those little crawlers recognize your content, it’ll help your business rank above the others for top search engine results.


Engage Your Readers

Quality copy not only keeps your readers engaged, but it also improves communication with your intended audiences. You wouldn’t market your products or services the same way to a millennial as you would say someone in their late 70’s. So why would you write the same way for them?

The idea is to create unique copy that keeps your readers engaged. More importantly, professional copy is designed to convert readers into clients. Professional content is drafted to your specific organizational needs. It helps you sell faster, expand your reach, propel growth, and achieve bold marketing goals (even those you didn’t realize you had in mind).


Connect with Clients on Multiple Platforms

According to recent data conducted by Hootsuite, 69% of U.S. adults use at least one socialmedia site. In fact, 3.48 billion people now use social media (up 9% from last year). That’s more than 45% of the global population. So how can you leverage the power and reach of social media to the advantage of your business?

Typically, business owners are too busy to think about the various ways their content can be used. A professional content writer ensures your copy is versatile. When writing a blog post, a copywriter can also put together posts or descriptions for your various social media platforms.

For example, sections from a recent press release can extend your reach on Twitter. A new blog can make a splash on Facebook. You can feature products and service descriptions on Instagram. Professional copy is designed to pave the way for this versatility.

When You Can’t Find the Words – Professional Content

Planning, researching, and writing quality copy takes a great deal of time. As a business owner, we know there a million other tasks you need to focus on. Hiring a copywriter takes away this burden so you can focus on what matters – your business!

Leaving your content in the hands of a capable word chameleon will help improve your copy, website, blogs, and marketing materials. Whether you’re gearing up for a major project or you require a few articles each week, you can find the right professional content writer to meet your content needs.

If you are in the market for enhancing your content, let Jessie at Indigo Inkwell, take the reins and get your crawlers going wild!


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