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I can’t say 2018 was the best year. I hate to use this word, but we were…. floundering. GASP!

The only thing we know for sure, is that we worked with a record number of websites in 2018, because we are just plain old good at it. This year we got so wrapped up in propelling our clients forward, that we kinda lost direction of where we were heading and how our own business was doing.

Every time we sit down and have a mutual pep talk of focusing on our templates and working smarter, not harder – an awesome client pops into our inbox and we are like “SQUIRREL.” Fact is, we love our tribe. We love helping you grow more than anything else we do in this business.

But one thing every business has in common is that you need to have balance.

So let’s see, what worked and what didn’t?

The Good

• We launched TWO editions of the Northfolk Planner. Say what?! I know! It was a LOT of work. But yes. We launched the first edition in May 2018 and the second edition in November 2018. If you want to read more about our planners, you can do so HERE.

• New branding for Northfolk. A few days after our first edition planners shipped, we did the unthinkable and decided to rebrand everything  under our parent company, Northfolk. (We originally called our planners the Archive Planner). It was honestly the best decision we ever made. And now a year later… we still love our branding and all the little Northfolk icons.

• New features. We got featured in the 2019 SPARK, Creative Inspiration Anthology magazine and found out that we were also featured in the 2018 version, so double party! Not only that, but we have had more YouTube press love, check them out here!

• Rachel came to Alaska for a week. So this could be the best part of our 2018! lol Living thousands and thousands of miles from you business partner and BEST friend is rough. Last spring Rachel came up to Alaska to be here for our very first planner launch and help with shipping orders.

We grew our tribe. Between our website templates, planners and designer community, we have really grown our tribe in 2018. The life of a day dreamer and night thinker can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. We highly encourage you to find your tribe. Or join ours! 😉

The NOT So Good

Time management. You would think as planner designers we would have this down. HA. Nope. Between us, we have a small farm of kids and animals and our time management skills are lacking. This is always a work in progress for us.

Social media. Rachel and I are both in that borderline generation where we didn’t grow up with internet and computers, but it’s been a huge part of our adult life. Ahem… website designers… LOL So we have this love / hate with being online and the entire concept of social media. So unfortunately we just really blow at doing a good job with our social presence.

Direction. Maybe focus might be a better word? I kinda touched on this in my opening paragraph. We are really good at establishing our “direction,” and then going ANOTHER direction. (face palm) We LOVE building templates, and know this is where our time is best spent. But we have a very difficult time saying no when a super fun and awesome client pops into our inbox and their project gets our wheels turning.

What’s to come for 2019?

We pretty much hit the ground running in 2019. Here is what we have accomplished so far.

• Rachel moved into a new house, her baby nephew was born and is planning another visit to Alaska this summer! Yay!

• We have worked with some really amazing custom clients this year already.

• Our website got an overhaul!

And what are our plans for the rest of the year?

• We are finally honing in on the direction we are hoping to pursue with Northfolk this year – working with creative small businesses. More digital products, resources and freebies!

• Start blogging and digging in to Pinterest as our social media tool of choice.

• Launch a few new physical products during the back to school season.


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