Throw back Thursday

So we are starting a new series for the blog. “Throw Back Thursday.” Real original right? But hey – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
So yup – Throw Back Thursday. We will start sharing past work – mostly customs. And we are starting off with our VERY FIRST CUSTOM under the Northfolk name. Guerrilla Wellness.

WOW! It seems like Rachel and I just started working together yesterday. But this was our very first project together – and the blog post says November 2014! 2014!!! Apparently it wasn’t yesterday. lol
But gosh – I sure am glad that I got the nerve to approach her. It can be a very lonely and intimidating world here in the design community. We are spread out a bit more than photographers, so getting that sense of community is hard. But things have a way of happening the way they are meant to and we built this beautiful little business you know as Northfolk.

But back to Guerrilla Wellness. I think this will always be one of my favorite projects. Not just because it was our first – but because I STILL love it. And as you know, thats pretty rare in the creative industry. To look at something almost almost 1.5 years later and still love it.

*So Rachel just corrected me. It wasn’t our FIRST. Just our first under Northfolk. Gosh I’m like the bad husband that doesn’t remember the anniversary lol

So here we are – Throwing it back. Go check it out!

Guerrilla-Wellness-Site-Design Guerrilla-Wellness-Computer-Preview Guerrilla-Wellness-Blog-Preview


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