Announcing The New Home For Northfolk

Its finally here, the moment we have been waiting for here at Northfolk & Co. Our summer site overhaul!  Winter is over and we are doing some LONG NEEDED sloughing and refining of our business.

We took a long hard look at Northfolk as a whole and decided we were going to go back to our roots. Not necessarily hold our company to what we thought was popular, sticking with the “if you build it, they will come” route.  We refined our site and services and now we are finally ready to share all the newness with you!



We felt we were pushing against our old website before, it really didn’t speak to the people we are and we felt it showed.  Taking it back old school we cut out nearly 50% of our content and filler we thought we needed to show you.  It was chaos and complete overload.


You can now easily figure out who we are and what we offer with plenty of helpful call to action links to easily get you to where you need to be!



This is one of the main reasons we decided we needed a good updating, WE could hardly find what we were looking for. Oh man, number one no-go!  When you come to our site our top two call-to-actions we would like you to do is visit our shop and for those not looking to DIY, hire us to customize your preferred template. With our old setup, it was hard to define where you needed to go to get ahold of us.  Not any longer. We’ve cut out a lot of our menu so you are not bombarded by options.  One of our new favorite pages is the Hire Us page, no longer are you wading through filler content to find the goods 👍🏻



We are still in the process of making everything seamless and an all in one spot area. Our Support Center shows you the nitty gritty to find exactly what you are looking for, and if you can’t, hey we got your back!



Now we get into the bread and butter. We have people nearly every day asking if we have any sites that show their template in action. Look no further than our pimped out Showcase page! It is still a work in progress and ideally we would love to be able to add a filter for those looking for a specific design, but for the time being, we are happy to show some pumped up customers rocking out their Northfolk templates.



There is still some amazing aspects that we love and hope you do too! So go, explore! And let us know in the comments what you think of the new site and rebrand!

~Rachel & Sam


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